Probate & Estates

Inheriting property or dealing with real estate left behind by a deceased loved one can be quite challenging, but never fear as we are well versed in assisting heirs and beneficiaries in this area.

The term probate refers to the process of validating a Will after an individuals death. This validation must be done by a practicing attorney in a court of law. Estate is a general term meaning the assets one owns during the course of his or her life. Having assisted in the asset liquidation of 100’s of estates, we are able to offer my firsthand knowledge in selling both inherited real estate and its contents after the legal Probate process has been justified. We have contacts with dealers of antiques, furniture, home goods, automotive, etc. It is possible to sell the contents of the home in one fell swoop, if you have the right contacts. The first step in this process is an on-site consultation to evaluate the condition of the home and its contents.
** Disclaimer ** Probate is a legal process conducted by a practicing attorney in conjunction with a court of law. We are not attorneys, therefore we will not and we cannot offer any legal advise.

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